MasterCard Augmented Reality Outdoor Campaign In Singapore

In July of 2010, could people in Singapore experience an outdoor augmented reality campaign from MasterCard at the Heeren bus stop on Orchard Road.

The project, led by UM Singapore and Grain & Pixel, employs augmented reality technology and was launched in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) involving most retail stores on Orchard Road.

MasterCard holders could flash their card in front of the digital camera embedded in the billboard to navigate through promotional offers on the screen also embedded in the billboard.

Make a panoramic Google Earth of your own with Liquid Galaxy.

Google just released footage and source code for its Liquid Galaxy blueprint.

Maybe not every SME or household  has the wherewithal to purchase eight 55-inch HDTVs and a dedicated Linux server for each, Google’s got everything else you need. The company just open-sourced the code, scripts and even the physical blueprint for its massive Liquid Galaxy rig late last week, letting folks buzz Google Earth natively across loads of screens. If you’re ready to build your own, you’ll find all that good stuff at our source link; if you first need a refresher course on why it’s worth the money.