COWI – 3D city model of Monaco

COWI – 3D city model of Monaco.

Photo: Principality of Monaco
COWI was awarded as part of a consortium to generate the 3D city model of Monaco at a very high level-of-detail, including facade details for the whole project area of 8sqkm.
New high-resolution aerial images For COWI’s semi-automatic 3D modelling, new aerial images with a resolution of 4,5cm will be used. The high resolution allowes COWI to model details on the roofs and the facades.

Impressive level-of-detailThe project requirements are challenging and will result in a 3D model including various facade details like balconies, canopies and stairs. The 3D city model will be even enhanced with modelled crossings, bridges as well as cliffs.

GIS and visualizationThe 3D city model is suitable for 3D visualization, but is also produced to a high GIS standard and can be used in the clients GIS (ESRI).

International 3D projects by COWIThe acquisition of the project in Monaco is supporting COWI’s strategy focusing on international 3D projects and becoming the leading global player in the field of 3D city modelling.