iPhone app reveals the emotional downside of daydreams – life – 11 November 2010 – New Scientist

iPhone app reveals the emotional downside of daydreams Daydreaming seems to be bad for your mental health, say the psychologists who used an iPhone app to track the moods of more than 2000 people. The app let the researchers do something that traditional psychology methods do not: intrude on people’s lives on a regular basis. […]

MasterCard Augmented Reality Outdoor Campaign In Singapore

In July of 2010, could people in Singapore experience an outdoor augmented reality campaign from MasterCard at the Heeren bus stop on Orchard Road. The project, led by UM Singapore and Grain & Pixel, employs augmented reality technology and was launched in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) involving most retail stores on Orchard […]

Neuroengineering: UCLA / Caltech researchers help patients move mouse cursors with their brains

UCLA / Caltech researchers help patients move mouse cursors with their brains It’s certainly not a revolutionary new concept — whiz kids have been tinkering with brain-controlled interfaces for years on end — but a collaboration between UCLA scientists and colleagues from the California Institute of Technology has taken the idea one leap closer to […]

Why western science conquered the world – opinion

History boils down to biology, and geography can be unfair, says Ian Morris: but the advantages they confer may not last forever Trinity College, Cambridge, 1669 ISAAC NEWTON rubbed his eyes. He was tired but excited after another long day polishing lenses in the Chinese Astrocalendrical Bureau, where he worked as a lab assistant. The […]

Mount Everest now ‘wired’ for Internet, ready for Starbucks

TeliaSonera subsidiary Ncell has just completed installation of a 3G base station at 5,200 meters (17,000 feet) that will reach the 8,848-meter peak of Mount Everest. Mind you, we’ve already seen a cellphone call made from the world’s highest peak using a temporary base station in a Motorola publicity stunt. This time, however, it’s permanent […]