Custom HTML Module / Sandbox

With the Sandbox you can add any html code, that is allowed on spaces and display it on the front page. So Banners, clocks, Stat-maps, Counters, etc. All can be added.

The Custom HTML Power Toy is designed to allow you to add a sandbox module to your Space in which you can enter text, link to images, and use other HTML features. The Custom HTML Power Toy supports all of the same HTML that you can enter into a Blog entry and can be moved around your Space as a separate module, just like a list or any other Spaces module. Additionally you can control the Title of this module and whether the borders for this module are displayed or not.

Please note that this PowerToy, like the others, is available in English ONLY for now and is UNSUPPORTED.   
Follow these steps to add this Power Toy to your Space:
  • Log into Passport and Edit your Space.
  • In the Address bar of your web browser add the text “ &powertoy=sandbox ” to the end of the displayed URL.

  • Click the Go button next to your web browser address bar.
  • Once the page has finished reloading, click on the Customize tab in your Space.
  • In the Modules drop down menu in the Customize tab, click on the section where it says Modules and under subsection ‘Others‘ there should be an Icon for PowerToy: Custom HTML click on it and then click the Save button.

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